The Good Sam Fund

The MedVet Good Sam (Special Assistance and Memorial) Fund was established in 1999, well before the development of the Foundation. Its mission was then, and still is, to provide financial aid and support for sick or injured stray animals who are admitted to MedVet by Good Samaritans and animal lovers. This grew to include client-owned animals who meet very special circumstances. The fund is supported solely by donations which come from various sources including veterinarians, MedVet staff members, pet owners and community members. In addition, the MedVet Charitable Foundation works closely with this fund to help provide financial support.

The fund is used exclusively for the care of animals in need of help who have been treated at MedVet.  Use of these funds is controlled by a Foundation Board of Directors.  Donations to this fund as well as to the Foundation in general, are tax deductible.